CCIFP Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

As a Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP), I recognize that a wide range of people and businesses rely on my behavior in the execution of my professional duties. In order that these entities may place the greatest reliance possible on my work, I subscribe to and support Certification Division of CFMA’s CCIFP’s Code of Ethics and pledge to be guided by it in all professional relationships.

Standards of Conduct

  • As a CCIFP, I shall be honest and forthright and act with integrity, fairness, and professional care in all dealings with employers, employees, and all other parties with whom I may have business-related dealings.
  • As a CCIFP, I shall not knowingly violate any generally accepted accounting principles, local, state, or federal law or regulation in the execution of my professional duties.
  • As a CCIFP, I shall not disclose confidential information acquired in the course of my duties unless permitted to do so or when required by law.
  • As a CCIFP, I shall not engage in any activity that may give the appearance of illegal or unethical behavior; I will practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit on myself and the profession, and will actively model and encourage the integration of ethics into all aspects of the management of the employer/enterprise.
  • As a CCIFP, I shall be alert to the activity of my company/employer and if I discover any activity of which I know to be illegal or fraudulent, I shall report such knowledge to company executives in accordance with my employer’s applicable procedures or, in the absence of established reporting procedures or in the event such procedures are compromised, then I shall report such knowledge to appropriate law enforcement authorities.
  • As a CCIFP, I shall disclose all actual, apparent, and potential conflicts of interest to all appropriate parties who could be affected by the existence of an actual, apparent, or potential conflict. In this regard, a “conflict of interest” is defined as a situation in which someone in a position of trust has competing for professional and/or personal interests which may cause that individual to be unable or unwilling to give their undivided allegiance to their employer, client, or other entity that has placed the individual in a position of trust.
  • As a CCIFP, I shall maintain my competence through continuous professional education as appropriate to my job requirements; and promote continuous advancement in the skills, knowledge, development, and competence of employers and employees in their own professional careers.