Why Your Team Should Become CCIFPs

As a construction industry leader, you understand the nuances and complexities of construction accounting and financial management. But does your staff? Do they have the knowledge that can lead to successful project completion, efficient business practices, and overall company success?

Here Are a Few Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Team to Get Certified:

  1. Increase Job Satisfaction: By investing in your staff, you are giving them the opportunity to grow professionally and showing that you believe in them and want them to succeed. This can go a long way toward getting them to stick around longer, minimizing turnover risk.
  2. Elevating Your Staff: Certified employees will go beyond balance sheets and cost codes. They will learn how to effectively implement and communicate their knowledge to drive success within your department and company.
  3. Improved Productivity: Several CCIFPs have noted that their certification has made them more productive. This results from them feeling more confident in their knowledge and understanding of construction financial management.
  4. Attract New Employees: As the construction industry struggles to attract new talent, providing professional development opportunities makes your company more attractive to new candidates. The more you market this, the more likely candidates are to apply for open positions and consider a career with your company.

Encourage your staff to join nearly 1,300 construction financial professionals and pledge to become Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (CCIFPs). This pledge provides them with the accountability and motivation they need to earn their CCIFP designation, plus CFMA will send them resources and tips to help them study for the CCIFP exam.