Your Journey to



Determine Your Eligibility:

Combination of Education & Industry Experience

  • Am I eligible to sit for the CCIFP exam if I have a high school diploma and less than the required industry experience?
  • Yes. You are eligible to sit for the CCIFP exam with or without a degree. You may earn the hours before and/or after passing the CCIFP exam. Once earned, you will then be recognized as a CCIFP, receive your certificate, and begin your triennial recertification cycle.
  • Does all of my experience need to be within the construction industry?
  • Yes. All of your required experience must be within the construction finance industry and within five years in order to qualify for the exam.
  • Am I certified once I pass the CCIFP exam?
  • You are certified once you pass the CCIFP exam provided you have met all of the education and experience requirements. If you pass the exam but do not meet the minimum number of experience hours, you will not be considered a CCIFP until you have earned your hours.
  • I am not a CFMA member, am I eligible to become certified?
  • Yes. CFMA membership is not a requirement to become CCIFP certified.

3 Months Prior to Studying:

Attend CCIFP Seminar

  • Is the CCIFP Overview Seminar mandatory to sit for the CCIFP exam?
  • No. The CCIFP Overview Seminar is recommended but not mandatory. It is available in both live and On-Demand formats. If you attend the live CCIFP Overview Seminar, you will receive the CCIFP Study Guide as part of the seminar which includes sample exam questions and flashcards.

Spend 3-6 Months on:

Self-Study or Study Group

  • If I purchase “The Book” as a study resource, do I need to purchase the CCIFP Study Guide as well?
  • You may purchase one or both to use as a study resource. The CFM Reference Guide referred to as “The Book” is the ultimate reference guide and the only publication of its kind that covers the answers to the highly specialized, construction industry accounting challenges. This is also a primary resource for CCIFP certification. With annually updated exhibits, examples, and tables, “The Book” provides a vast array of accounting and financial management strategies and solutions for the challenges you face every day. The CCIFP Study Guide is a great resource that includes sample exam questions and flashcards.
  • What specifically should I study within each of the (8) domains?
  • Please refer to the CCIFP Knowledge Domains and the sub domains to inform which areas you should study to prepare for the exam.
  • What other resources are available to help me study?
  • If you are a CFMA member, you can join the CCIFP Study Group Forum on the Connection Café. You may also connect with others in your chapter to form your own study group. If you take the “CCIFP Pledge” you will receive complimentary resources to also help you prepare. Any of CFMAs webinars that address the content areas of the exam are helpful as well.

Submit Your Application:

Testing Center or Remote Proctoring Available

  • What is the typical timeframe between date of application and receiving certification?
  • Application approval is granted within 1-3 days of submitting your application. Upon approval, you will receive your authorization to test with 1-2 days. If you select Live Remote Proctoring (LRP), you will have 14 days from the date of authorization to sit for the exam. If you select a Pearson Vue testing center, you will have 90 days from the date of authorization to sit for the exam.
  • Are Application fees refundable?
  • Application fees are not refundable.
  • How do I submit my application?
  • You must create an account on the CCIFP website and then follow the prompts to complete your application.
  • When do I need to determine my testing modality?
  • You must choose Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) or a Pearson VUE testing center at time of application.
  • How much does it cost to apply for the CCIFP exam?
  • The total cost is $850 for a new applicant and $300 for a retake applicant.
  • Are examination fees refundable?
  • CCIFP Examination fees are fully refundable within (90) days of application.

Receive Exam Authorization:

Schedule Your Exam

  • Are exam extensions permitted?
  • Yes. There is a $150 exam extension fee. You will receive a (30) day extension for Pearson VUE or (14) day extension for Live Remote Proctoring.
  • May I switch to another testing platform after receiving my authorization to test?
  • Yes. There is a $150 fee to switch testing platforms. However, you cannot request both an exam extension and a platform switch.

Review Materials:

Prior to Taking Exam

  • How long should I take to prepare for the exam?
  • We recommend studying 3-6 monsths prior to sitting for the CCIFP examination
  • Can you share an example of a sample exam question?
  • See sample questions here.

Take Exam:

200 Multiple Choice Questions, 4.5 Hours

  • Can a candidate use Excel for the calculation questions on the exam?
  • You are not permitted to use Excel. This would require opening a new computer tab which is not permissible.
  • Are calculators allowed for the CCIFP exam?
  • A non-programmable battery operated calculator is permitted during the examination. You are not permitted to use an on-screen calculator.

Receive Results:


  • How are results received?
  • Exam results are provided instantly on screen when you complete your CCIFP examination. Official results are sent electronically within 72 hours.
  • Are exam scores included with my results?
  • For candidates who passed the exam, exam scores are not included with your results. You will be informed only that you have successfully completed the credentialing process. You will NOT be notified of your actual score. For candidates who did not pass, you will receive a scaled exam score and an exam diagnostics per domain.
  • How many CPEs do I need to maintain my certification?
  • You will need to earn 72 CPEs every three years to maintain your CCIFP certification, 48 of which must be construction-related.